New VW Campervan Hire

New VW Campervan Hire
When you decide to take a vehicle on the open road, there are many possibilities.  You can choose a small car for fuel efficiency or a big motorhome for comfort.  Why not have both?

New VW Campervan Hire – Affordable Comfort

Driving a new VW campervan hire is the perfect way to see the world, and Active Kampers can find just the right one for you.  We have many modern, compact vans that are cost-effective and full of amenities.  Take the VW California, for instance.  It comes with air conditioning, heating, power front windows, plenty of storage options (like roof bars, roof box and a bike rack), a pop-up roof, a roof bed, a spacious fridge, 2 gas burners and much more.  The seats swivel and the kitchen is completely stocked with dining equipment.  The sustainability of your new VW campervan hire will also be a relief.  The carbon emission is extremely low compared to a journey by plane, and your new van gets 35-40mpg.  It’s economical and drives like a car, but your VW van is ideal for road trips due to its abundant amenities

New VW Campervan Hire – Why Active Kampers?

Active Kampers was founded in 2011 by an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for camping.  We are absolutely dedicated to bringing positive campervan experiences to the UK.  Our new VW campervan hires are sensational.  We are focused on finding just the right one for you.  Our rates include unlimited driving in the United Kingdom, choice of manual or automatic transmission, comprehensive insurance for one driver, vehicle breakdown assistance and more.  These are exceptional standard amenities, but if you require extras in order to make your trip special, we will try our best to tailor the hire to your needs.  For an extra fee, we can add a 5th seat, a TV/DVD or satellite navigation.  If you don’t have a bike, kayak or skis, hire them from us!  We can also equip you with a ski pack, a surf rack or a chemical toilet.  Simply let us know what you need before you hit the road.

Travel can be exhausting.  Often travelers will say that they need a holiday from their holiday, but planning a trip doesn’t have to be hard.  Road trips should be relaxing & fun!  Let us take some of the burden from you.  Our fleet of new VW campervan hires will add joy to your travels.  Active Kampers is conveniently located in Brighton (30 minutes from Gatwick airport) and we are excited to help.

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