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1. Can I leave my car with you?

Yes at your own risk.

2. Can I reserve the van before paying?
No you must pay a minimum 25% deposit to reserve a campervan. Payment can be by Card, PAYPAL or Bank Transfer, we cannot accept cash under the term of our insurance. Please don’t send the pdf booking form without confirming availability.
3. When and how do I pay the balance of hire?

Six weeks prior to hire date. So if booking within that you will need to pay the full balance straight away. Payment can be by Card, PAYPAL or Bank Transfer, we cannot accept cash under the term os our insurance.

4. What days can I pick the van-up?

We normally do hire pick-ups Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Normal pick up time is from 8am and drop off by 6pm. We can sometimes open by appointment at other times, especially early evening. We are also open on bank holidays for appointments.

5. Can I reduce the insurance excess?

Unfortunately not through us. We have made the excess as low as our insurers will allow (£500 in 2019 and £750 from 2020) If you are an overseas visitor, your travel insurance may cover you for the excess in the event of damage. UK drivers could look at additional insurance policies offered such as from https://www.icarhireinsurance.com an annual policy

6. How do you take the security & cleaning deposit and when will it be returned?

If your hire is three weeks or less we can take a “Pre-Auth” by Debit or Credit card like a hotel and the money is not actually deducted from your account unless there is an issue (e.g. damage on return).

If your trip is longer than 3 weeks and you paid the security deposit by debit card then we will process this once the van has been fully cleaned and checked, usually the next day. The card merchant will hold the money for 2 days. If we later receive speeding fines, unpaid tolls and parking tickets etc you will be forwarded these on and are legally responsible for paying them.

7. Can I just take additional driver insurance for the start and beginning of our trip

Unfortunately it’s all or nothing with the insurance for the duration.

8. Can I drive to Europe or Ireland?

Yes, this is what the VW California is made for, a proper road trip! There is a daily insurance supplement for unlimited mileage within the EU countries only, £20 for two drivers.

9. I want to take the van on the ferry, what are the dimensions?
The van is usually classified and costs the same as a car. It measures 4.95m long and 1.95m high (but about 2.4m with roof box or bike rack).

10. Must I fill in a booking form?

Yes, its an insurance requirement and you must include each drivers details as requested. See: ActiveKampersBookingForm

11. We are a group of 5 or more can you hire to us?

No the vans cannot carry more than 4 people ever as they have only 4 seat belts.

12. Will you do an overnight hire or short weekend hire?
The shortest advanced hires we do is for 4 days. This is because of administration and cleaning and the small size of our fleet. In July And August we apply a 7 day minimum hire.

13. Can I drive if I am under 25 or over 70?
Yes, but you must be 24 years old and have held your (clean) licence for 24 months at least and a higher insurance excess will normally be applied. Best find an older driver if you can. If you are over 70 it should be ok if you have a clean licence and no accidents, but we have to ask our insurers and they may apply a higher excess or refuse.

14. Can I take my dog?
Maybe! We have allocated one of our fleet to be dog-friendly (Casper for 2021). If your dog is small and tidy enough then that should be fine. Our vehicles cost nearly £60,000 so you need to think carefully about taking a dog if it might damage the seats. We charge a £50 pet fee as we must shampoo the van upholstery afterwards and also a £100 additional security deposit (on top of the normal excess).

15. What kitchen and living equipment is included?
Basically everything for four people to cook, eat and clean. So that includes:

:: cooking pans
:: kettle
::cooking utensils
:: melamine plates
:: bowls
:: cups
:: cutlery for four
:: wine glasses
:: cafetiere

We also supply cleaning products and cloths.
See our full van inventory list:
Van Inventory Checklist and for Covid 19 we have slimmed this down to Inventory Contents Covid

16. If I scratch or dent the vehicle how much will it cost me?

It depends, if it polishes out nothing, otherwise we will seek a quote from a reputable body shop and let you know the cost, unless it is a small scratch where we will typically charge £75-£100. If significant damage is done to our vehicles we reserve the right to charge a fee for our time in getting quote for repair and transport to repair of up to £100.

17. Does the van have a heater?
Yes, it’s excellent and can be set to come on all night or timed, or by thermostat. It’s diesel powered with an electric fan blowing the warm air through vents.

18. How long will the battery work when not driven or hooked up?
Three days is a reasonable estimate and much longer if driven (or engine started) for half an hour or more. We have reports that our batteries last the duration of the Glastonbury festival! The VW California is excellent for free camping as it has two leisure batteries powering the fridge cool-box, heater fan and lights. Often you get more space at unpowered sites and they can be quieter too. However you cannot use the 13amp sockets but the 12V sockets can still charge mobile phones.

19. Do I need the optional tent awning?
Recommended for groups of 3 or 4 persons where you may stay three nights or more in one place. Also perfect for festivals or when taking a dog!

20. What is the fuel economy?
Per manufactured its 42 mpg combined and in practice it is 35-40mpg. The important thing to remember is that being a new 2.0l diesel engine it is twice as much as most other camper vans.

21. Does the van have power?
When hooked-up at a campsite it has full 13amp/240v which can be used to power anything within reason, plus a shaving socket. Otherwise when not hooked-up it has four 12V points.

22. Is it too cold to use the upper bunk in winter?
No, but we would recommend the additional insulation option during winter. The heater is very good and will warm upstairs as well.

23. Do we return the fuel full?
Yes, we will send the van out with a full tank of diesel.

24. How far can I go on a full tank of diesel?
Driving efficiently (35-40mpg) about 500-550 miles.

25. Do I need to clean the van before returning?
Yes, inside only (we clean outside anyway). Please sweep the floor, vacuum the seats and mattresses and wipe the surfaces, cupboards, fridge and hob. Also wash up any kitchen and dining ware used.

26. How long will the gas last?
A full camping gas 907 bottle will be supplied and will last about three weeks of typical use. It’s only used for the hob.

27. Do you have a toilet?
A compact portable toilet Porta Potti 335 is an optional extra supplied with a little toilet tent and chemicals. It can be fitted into the cupboard. You must wash it out before returning!

28. Can I tow/attach a trailer?
No, but we can supply an optional roof box or bike rack mounted storage bag.

29. Do you supply cleaning and dishwashing stuff?
Yes, as part of the welcome pack, we supply cloths, washing up brush, washing up liquid and kitchen spray.

30. Can I swing by and check out a van?

As we aren’t there all the time please call us to arrange an appointment please, Friday to Sundays we will do our best to see you subject to van and staff availability!

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