New 2019 VW California Ocean for hire

Are you interested in checking out the new 2019 VW California Ocean? At Active Kampers Sussex we are really looking forward to some new VW Campervans to add to our campervan hire fleet! Our first 2019 California Ocean DSG (auto) in white will be coming soon for hire. This will be our 12th VW California Campervan! It’s the first time we have chosen white too, it may take a bit more cleaning but we think it will look great. Interestingly white is the most popular campervan colour and 3rd most popular car colour. We have decided to call our new campervan Casper for obvious reasons.

From what I can see there are no noticeable changes from our 2018 California Oceans, which is great as they are pretty much perfect already. It has the same fundamentals such as the two berth bed convertible from the sliding lower bench seat and 2nd bed in the electrically raised roof. The small sink, with cooking on two rings (although you’ll find yourself using a BBQ often if you are like us) and a large capacity fridge cooler are also unchanged. The compact nature of the California combined with its high level of equipment, often ingeniously hidden away  and general high build quality are is stand out features. Extra space can be added using the side awning or a tent awning which is recommended for larger groups and when you aren’t moving around frequently.

If you are interested in buying a new VW California it makes sense to try one out for a long weekend and better still a full week, moving from place to place touring around to really appreciate the benefits of this super fun, flexible and well equipped vehicle. Once you have one you will bitten by the campervan bug!

Casper will be ready for hire in Sussex for festivals, campervan road trips to Cornwall, Scotland France and more from March, so get booking now!

A great independent and honest review of the 2019 VW California Ocean follows:

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