VW Campervan Hire

Following camper van trips around New Zealand and Australia, avid traveller Matt was inspired to set up Active Kampers to bring a high quality, friendly and relaxed camper van experience to UK travellers.


Set up in 2011 in Brighton with just two VW California vans; over the years Active Kampers tripled in size to six vans. Now following our move our to the Sussex countryside to beautiful Wlimington in 2017 we are back to two vans, it’s just easier!

When not running Active Kampers, Matt may be found using a California as a surf day van or for kayaking or mountain biking, or even attending the odd festival. He just loves his vans!

Matt and Petra have travelled the UK and much of Western Europe extensively in their vans, so can offer useful road trip advice – see our useful Itinerary page for more information.


VW Campervan Hire – Sustainability

At Active Kampers we believe that being sustainable is not an option but a necessity in today’s world.


A new efficient and low emission VW Campervan hire is a great way of reducing your holiday carbon impact and benefiting local communities. It also means campervans are being used and not sitting on a drive most of the year! All of our new VW Campervan hire fleet recharge their leisure batteries as they drive, which means you can use them for several days without electric hook-up.

We wash our vans by hand and use Ecover cleaning products and include these in our welcome pack. We provide a re-usable recycling bag to assist your recycling efforts and are happy to take-in recyclable items at our base when you return.

Our new VW Campervan hire fleet offers fuel efficient campervan holidays that are less damaging to the environment than taking a short flight, as less carbon is emitted, which contributes to global warming. The graph below compares the carbon emissions impact of travel for a family of four.

VW Campervan hire emissions

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