VW Campervan Hire UK

vw campervan hire uk
Do you go on holiday to the same place every year? Why not have a complete change this year with an unforgettable holiday? Here, at Active Kampers we offer VW campervan hire UK for you with our lovely new California campervans. We are a Brighton, Sussex, based company, easy accessible, located at Brighton Train Station, 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport.

Active Kampers – VW Campervan Hire UK

One of the best things about our service, VW Campervan hire UK is your journey starts as soon as the key is in the engine and you could not start your trip at a better place than Brighton. Brighton is famous for its stunning, pebbled beach and lively pier. So why not explore the Sussex Coasts and South Downs as an added bonus to your trip.

This trip is perfect for a cheap alternative for city hopping in England or even Europe. This service provides you with transport and accommodation in one. The versatility with having your transport and accommodation in one allows you to park up at any time within your journey and takes in the sights; an advantage you would not be able to do if you were on public transport.

VW Campervan Hire UK

The VW California can be used for many trips, festivals, romantic long weekends or a get away with friends. This is an experience that requires little planning, can be a last minute thing and be done on a small budget. From experience, unless you have a set idea of where you want to do, we find there is no need to plan where you want to go exactly as you can always find different places, which is much more exciting. It is the excitement of driving and not knowing where you are going that makes the trip. Some of the stuff that you will see along the way is also part of the journey that is amazing.

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If you have any questions or queries about our VW Campervan hire UK, please contact us, visit our website, or explore our booking page to find more information on all of our hire information. We believe that everybody should have this experience, so why not come visit us today for more information.

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