VW California Hire

VW California Hire

VW California Hire – 3 Reasons to Consider a The VW California

Travelling by air can be frustrating.  Airports are noisy, flights are expensive and there are far too many delays.  Simply thinking about the chaos makes me want to get in a vehicle and take to the open road!  Camper vans are a great way to travel because they offer comfort and flexibility at an affordable price.  Here are 3 reasons why the vehicle you drive while on holiday should be a VW California.


Consider a VW California hire if you seek a cost-effective and stylish ride.  The vans have a lot of storage and are made for 4/5 people to travel and sleep easily.  In addition to standards (air conditioning, heater, power front windows, etc.), your VW California hire will also come with kitchen and dining equipment.  Special features like a pop-up aluminum roof and a roof bed add to the flair and function of this camper van.


How much would it cost a family of 4 to go on holiday when you consider the price of airline tickets and accommodation?  A VW California hire campervan costs from as little as £60 daily.  Fuel economy is roughly 33-35mpg, and in many ways the vehicle is like a fun car It drives easily like an estate car, and due to its compact dimensions, it is usually classified like a car (on a ferry, for example).


We don’t want to simply satisfy, we want to delight.  The carbon footprint of your VW California hire will make you smile.  These new vehicles are efficient!  The carbon emission is extremely low compared to flying, and our new VW California hire vehicles recharge their leisure batteries while on the road (they can go for days without electricity).

Ultimately, you will choose one of our vans because they’re practical and fun.  There’s nothing quite like the open road.  The VW California was made for road trips and road trips are exciting!

We’re proud of our fleet.  If you seek a VW California hire for your adventure, look no further than Active Kampers. We have a wide selection of camper vans and attractive online offers.  Need a kayak, bike or surfboard?  No problem.  Add to your quest by renting accessories at our shop.  Are you ready to hit the road?  Conveniently located on the south coast of England (30 minutes from Gatwick airport), we have everything you need for your next journey.

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