Rent A Campervan

rent a campervan
Using one of our VW Campervans is a great alternative to a weekend away allowing you to travel around the coast of England, starting in Brighton, where Active Kampers is based.

Rent A Campervan – Active Kampers

When you rent a campervan, your holiday does not just start when you reach your chosen destination; it starts as soon as your get in the Campervan. Whilst driving to your first or only stop you will see beautiful landmarks and places along the way. As you are in a Campervan, if you see something you like, you have the choice stopping and admiring the views.

If you are going with a partner for a relaxing trip, the best thing about hiring a VW Campervan is that you do not have to have a destination. Why not pick a place at random on the map and drive there. Hiring the VW Campervan can be a great way to unwinding the weekend away, where you do not need to worry about anything. This hire is the perfect affordable idea for an alternative holiday for you and your party; it also includes your transport and your accommodation for your trip.

Rent A Campervan – Flexibility

Not only would you be able to have the experience of driving a VW Campervan, you will also be able to have as many destinations as you desire, in the time that you have the VW Campervan. This hire enables you to get as many holidays as you can out of one. If you are going with friends, for a festival, a mini holiday or with family then this trip is perfect for making sure that there is something for everyone.

Rent A Campervan – Booking & Rates

We currently have on offer a range of six VW California Campervans to choose from.
If you would like to rent a campervan and have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to pop into the shop that is located by Brighton Train Station, go to our website, or visit the booking site to find out more details on our rates.

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