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campervans for hire
If you are not completely sold on the idea of sleeping in a VW Campervan then keep reading and if you are not sold by the post then it is a losing case, however I am confident this will not be the outcome. On offer we have six campervans for hire. We are a Brighton based company situated near Brighton train station. Our VW California’s are the ultimate Campervans. They are designed to sleep 4 or even 5 people in the two beds, one in the raising roof and one formed from the sliding bench seat.

Campervans For Hire – Comfort

We understand that if you have bad accommodation in any trip, it can put you off for life and for those of you, who the thought of camping terrifies you we want to change this. Our VW California campervans for hire are both your accommodation and your transport. Whilst this may seem quite daunting for you non-‘kampers’ we can assure that you will not want it to end. The vans are kitted out with lots of neat storage spaces, a 2-burner hob, sink, spacious fridge, heater, rollout sun canopy all thought out with your trip in mind by us.

As well as the campervan, the sights that you will experience will also make your trip. Lakeside and mountain morning vista, or sunny sandy beaches, are yours to wake up to.

As we said, the VW California Campervan can sleep 4 or 5 people and is perfect for bigger parties so you can get everyone involved. Our vans are very will travelled; in 2013 Boris went all the way to Norway and its Fjords. So do not be afraid to take them near or far.

Campervans For Hire – Flexibility

The service we provide allows you to see stunning landscape and destinations that you would not be able to see whilst travelling by various other transports. The VW California Campervan hire enables you to stop off at any point in your journey to appreciate the sites, and maybe even overnight.

We love the vans so much we decided to name them, so we hope you will take care of them as much as we do. So, if we have converted you into camping or if you just loved the idea anyway, and have any enquiries about our campervans for hire – please contact us. Please call us, go onto our website or transfer onto our booking form to find out more information.

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