VW Camper Vans for Hire – The California

  Active Kampers – VW Camper Vans for Hire Whether you’re travelling to a festival, taking a holiday, or just going on a romantic road-trip, a VW California campervan is a fantastic way to combine your transport and accommodation in one. A perfect way to a have a carefree holiday, hiring a campervan lets you explore,…

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VW Campervan Hire Sussex

One of the best ways to enjoy family life is to go on adventures together. A VW campervan hire in Sussex is the perfect way to hit the road and Active Kampers can help! We have a new fleet of VW California vans waiting for you. If you’re looking for family fun in southern England, here are 5 travel ideas to get you started.

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Campervan Hire Brighton

Campervan Hire Brighton – Touring Brighton is a charming city on the south east coast of England.  It’s hip, it’s exciting and there’s always something to do.  However, getting to know a new city can be expensive.  There are sights to see, restaurants to try and people to meet.  Active Kampers can help!  Our VW…

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VW California Hire

VW California Hire – 3 Reasons to Consider a The VW California Travelling by air can be frustrating.  Airports are noisy, flights are expensive and there are far too many delays.  Simply thinking about the chaos makes me want to get in a vehicle and take to the open road!  Camper vans are a great…

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Hire a VW Campervan – New Vs Old

Hire A VW Campervan – New Vs Old Being an eco-sustainable mad chap, keen on recycling and re-use, it can seem an odd contradiction that we at Active Kampers provide new VW campervan hire. At the moment all our fleet are the popular but expensive factory built VW California. The new VW California is the first and…

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Campervans To Hire – Low Season

Low season campervans to hire So what to do with your lovely shiny or possibly getting dirty, campervan in the winter or early spring? Wait longingly for those May or summer holiday trips down to Cornwall? Well no, of course not, the advantage of a new VW California campervans to hire is that it’s warm inside,…

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Running a Volkswagen Camper Van Hire Company

Running a Volkswagen Camper Van Hire Company So I often get asked “do I enjoy running a Volkswagen campervan hire company?” It’s an un-resounding yes, despite the odd moments e.g. late night phone calls, and dirty post festival camper van hires – but even then made up for by the blissed out and considerably less…

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